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Customer Experience Outsourcing

Whether you’re large or small, growing or downsizing, we have scalable customer experience outsourcing solutions perfect for your SaaS and eCommerce needs.
Build My Customer Experience Team
Ride With Zebra

Trusted by hundreds of businesses – from small tech startups to Fortune 500 companies – to outsource customer experience including BPO, Customer Support, Technical Support, and Content Moderation.

Save Time, Money & Resources

Free up your team to focus on growth by outsourcing routine business operations and customer support processes.

Seamless Onboarding & Integration

Certified experts in 100+ support systems and able to tailor the right team around your technology.

Customized Support Solutions

Build your dream team of dedicated support that fit your culture and unique company needs.

Omni-Channel Support

Quality Customer Support

Your customer support team directly reflects your business and reputation. We take this responsibility seriously and take extraordinary measures to serve your company at the highest level.

Inbound & Outbound Customer Support
Welcome Calls & Channel Support
Upsell Programs Uniquely Designed for SaaS & eCommerce
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Cross-channel technical support including chat, phone, email, text and social media
Certified experts in over 100+ tools and technical systems
Quality assurance with advanced troubleshooting
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Turn Stress Into Success

Expert Technical Support

Technical issues are inevitable. Even the most well-designed user experiences and systems can’t replace the need for experienced technical support. At SupportZebra, we tailor and train your team to support customers 24/7/365 while turning stressful situations into satisfied customers.

Native Features

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Let experts handle your back-office processes so you can focus on what you do best. SupportZebra is here to help you overcome everyday tasks, mundane processes and employee workflows that are slowing your office down.

Get data-driven insights about your team, products and customers
Make informed decisions with enterprise-level reporting, analytics and key performance metrics
Speed up project timelines with outsourced back-office support
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24/7 Online Content Review, Social Profile Management and Social Media Chat Support
Fraud prevention, online transaction monitoring and user activity monitoring
Community management and moderation according to community guidelines and compliance
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Let's Get Social

Content Moderation

SupportZebra ensures the success and well-being of your brand in the constantly evolving social sphere. Your Zebras are trained to moderate content based on your unique community guidelines and company standards. Our agents support a safe and open platform, so your customers stay confident in your brand.

Outsource customer experience and cut staffing costs by more than half.

See how our client, Iscential, cut staffing costs by 37%, increased productivity by 22% and freed up over 15 hours/week per agent. Learn more about how Support Zebra help rid backlogs of work and supported substantial growth for the company.

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