Case Study: Iscential

Case Study: Iscential

Iscential Case Study


Founded in 1993, Iscential is a full-service Risk Management, Insurance, and Financial Services firm with over 25,000 clients, 100 full-time associates, and 22 offices licensed to do business in 25 states. Iscential utilizes a virtual centralized support and service model providing face-to-face advisory services to their clients from their office locations.


As the company grew, Iscential found it difficult to find qualified candidates to fill open positions for the customer support roles. Licensed team members were spending more time handling simple processing and administrative tasks than being available for clients. The company was struggling to get the day-to-day tasks completed and began to seek out other options for filling customer support role openings.


Iscential enlisted SupportZebra to provide experienced customer service representatives, who quickly began assisting in handling data entry tasks that the current team was struggling to complete. The ability to delegate administrative tasks gave the Iscential agents back valuable time to work with their customers. The SupportZebra team is also now tasked with the responsibility to handle policy updates, email distribution, task distribution, incoming mail, and renewal assignments. SupportZebra brought with them proactive and knowledgeable suggestions for improvement, understood the needs of a small business, and thus have become an extension of Iscential.


Partnering with SupportZebra representatives allowed Iscential to rid itself of the backlog of work and give agents back the time to assist clients rather than handle administrative tasks. SupportZebra representatives continue to take on new tasks and responsibilities every day.

SupportZebra was able to:

Cut staffing costs by 37%
Productivity increased 22% (in terms of items processed)
Freed up 15 hours/week per agent to prospect and generate business (rather than process claims paperwork)


“The team that we have built with SupportZebra is fantastic! They are eager to learn, sharp, and extremely dependable. SupportZebra allows our agents to be outselling more business, and I am comfortable knowing that all our back-office processing is well-taken care of. Most importantly, they work with and follow my systems and processes…I wasn’t forced to modify my business to suit their needs.”
– Stephanie Kleinhenz, Associate Director of Support
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