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SaaS Support Outsourcing

Grow your SaaS business easily with our world-class support.
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Grow Your SaaS Business With Customer Support

We are trusted by many startups and Unicorn Status SaaS retailers that need help with outsourcing critical functions.

SaaS Support Outsourcing

Support Zebra provides SaaS scaling solutions such as Sales Conversion, Cart Abandonment, Customer Retention, Order Tracking, and Returns, Live Chat, Failed Payment Recovery, and Email Ticketing.

Imagine when you’re in Bergdorf Goodman or in a store between 27th and Madison, you’d expect to be greeted by someone who can make your shopping experience personal. Your shoppers can also feel the same way when there are reps available to help your shoppers find what they need.

The lifetime value of your customer is retained and increases at a stable rate when great experience is given. The easier and less complex it is to connect your customers to someone who can help, the more they are inclined to trust your store and buy again.

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Every business has a marketing budget, a considerable amount is placed on ads, outbound, flyers, and many more. But the best marketers are free when great customer experience is culture of the service you provide. Turn your shoppers into brand ambassadors and watch your business grow.

Omnichannel SaaS Customer Support

One of the most important goals of SaaS outsourcing services is to respond to a customer inquiry with speed. Enabling customers to chat with your brand directly can lead to faster resolutions, therefore, reducing churn and increasing loyalty over time.


Customers are more inclined to return and stay when they find it easier to get in touch through chat. Paired with simple yet efficient workflows, we can resolve simple concerns on our own or further support can be given when needed.

Human Presence & Trust

ustomers feel frustrated and helpless when they don’t know the best way to reach customer service. Eliminate the frustration by having brand ambassadors ready to help your customers at any time, 24/7.

A channel that serves as a great backup for off-peak hours inquiries. It is important that the inbox or ticketing system is kept clean and up-to-date.

Response Time

The faster the response, the better the shopping experience. With the right ticketing system and coverage, email tickets are resolved in a timely manner.


Email is an electronic trail not just for your brand but also for customers. It is important that the right staff members are picked to represent your brand and communicate with your customers.

Peak hours and seasons mean higher volume, phone support is a common channel that exists to cater to fast-growing brands that have high traffic.

Performance Management

It takes a fully rounded and equipped support team to have a successful phone channel. Phone support is invisible, but it's audible, so having staff members that cover all aspects of performance management makes it strong and stable.

White-Glove Concierge

Get closer towards a goal of having a reactive to proactive experience by having your customers receive premium support and follow up to get that WOW experience they’re looking for.

Social Media is not just for entertainment but serves as proof of concept for brands like yours. A potential customer who is shopping around will check the social media page of a brand to see other customer feedback.

Content Moderation

Customers will reach out to the channel where it is easiest to get attention, by having staff members that manage the social media page, concerns are visibly resolved on time.

Trust and Rating

Not only do social media pages have stars or like buttons but the overall comments and responses are observable to other readers. By responding to every concern, potential customers will see that they can trust your brand.

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SaaS Support



Cart Abandonment
Customer Retention
Email Ticketing
Failed Payment Recovery
Live Chat
Order Tracking & Returns
Sales Conversion
Monthly Package Starting At

$1,900/ mo

Per Agent

Full-Time Agents
Shared Team Leader
Shared QA Manager
Admin, HR, IT, Medical Staff
Desktop PC + Equipment
Internal Training + Onboarding

*One-Time Onboarding Fee of $2,500 per agent applicable. Can be discounted in conjunction with other promos.

Loyal Shoppers
Certified SaaS Care Reps that support your customers with impeccable service keeping them loyal and winning them as Brand Advocates.
Scale No Matter The Size
Whether you’re store is just starting or have been in the market for decades, you can choose the size of your team to outsource essential functions.
Time On Your Hands
Get the time you need to finally do other important functions that scale your store. We do the legwork while you watch your brand grow.
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Ready to Get Started?

Trusted by hundreds of businesses – from small tech startups to Fortune 500 companies – to outsource customer experience including BPO, Customer Support, Technical Support, and Content Moderation.
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