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Dream Team: Why Outsourcing Customer Service Philippines is the Best Choice

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Nowadays, if you aren’t outsourcing your customer service team, you are already falling behind your competitors. It won’t be easy for your business to survive without it; anything less than the best customer service can ruin your reputation and waste time and money. 

Like any company, you want outsourcing to be a positive financial outcome for your business. The goal is always to reduce costs and increase revenue, but you should never sacrifice the service’s quality to cut costs because you’ll take losses elsewhere. Your business needs a vendor that offers the best capabilities for delivering customer support, meaning investing in world-class processes, technologies, and infrastructure. 

You have an array of options where to outsource, but the Philippines has proven its call centers the best value for your money. 

The Philippines is always a top option when deciding on outsourcing initiatives. The country is now the world’s leading call center outsourcing destination. The BPO industry in the country has grown steadily for two decades. It has positioned itself as the call center capital, offering highly competitive advantages to organizations, from startups to large enterprises. Its BPO started in the early 1990s and is adapted towards the Philippines’ former colonial power, the United States, and serves European countries, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. 

2021 was a record-breaking year for call centers in the country, with revenue rising to US$26 billion. The BPO industry added around 120,000, closing the year with 1.4 million workers, which is a 9% increase from the pandemic year 2020. Experts predict it can generate over US$29 billion by the end of 2022. The BPO industry contributes nearly $30 billion annually to the Philippine economy. The lower labor costs of call center companies, an educated and highly-trained workforce, high proficiency level of the English language of agents, reduced capital, and less operating expenses continue to attract more businesses, especially from the USA, to outsource requirements from the Philippines. 

Customer service providers in the Philippines provide access to the latest technology, and you can save a fortune instead of buying and upgrading your business’ own tools. 

The country’s local government has also invested in security legislation to improve call center companies’ data security level and IT service management. Such improvements led to more opportunities and more foreign investors. Tech-wise, customer service agencies in the Philippines already have one foot forward, and there are more reasons why outsourcing customer service in the country is a perfect bargain. 

Customer support is available 24/7 since agencies that outsource the services are not bound by the US time zone limits. As a business owner, you know that customer assistance available around the clock significantly impacts retaining and gaining customers. Not only that, it improves other metrics like customer satisfaction, first-call resolution, and average handle time, and all these help generate revenue. 

Filipino customer service agents work weekends and are often on night shifts to be available anytime. If agents have this availability, you can expect a double stream of customer concerns or queries, thus improving an overall customer experience. 

The country’s very young demographic, with a general literacy rate of 97%, also heavily contributes to why companies prefer to outsource from the Philippines. Over half a million tertiary-level graduates enter the workforce each year, all possessing considerable skills for working in the call center industry.

Another reason customer service companies in the Philippines remain unmatched is that accessible outsourcing allows quick and efficient scalability without investing in capital and infrastructure requirements. This service gives an extra advantage to companies when they want to expand immediately without a heavy investment.

When the economy gets tight and customers spend less, you should be able to use high-quality outsourced customer service to retain your existing customer base. Your outsourced team of agents acts as the direct contact of this customer base, so choosing the best outsourcing partner is critical for your business’s reputation and continued success. 

In this digital era, bringing down a business’s reputation is easy. People can be mercilessly vile on a post about a bad experience with yours on the Internet, where everything spreads quickly. 

Philippine-outsourced customer service offers your business a solid ROI and a happy, recurring customer base that would give you a 10 out of 10 for assistance rate. If you’re interested in working with a top Filipino outsourcing vendor, contact our team at Support Zebra for a free consultation.