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Pioneering Efficiency

AI-Driven New Customer Service Technology

In an era where technology drives every aspect of business, we are at the forefront of integrating the transformative power of artificial intelligence. We provide a full dev team to accomplish efficiency-boosting AI tasks.

The Future is Here with SupportZebra

Leveraging new customer service technology isn't just beneficial—it's essential.

Our AI expertise ensures that your service operations remain state-of-the-art, delivering exceptional experiences while optimizing costs.

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AI-Powered Response Suggestions

At SupportZebra, our AI tools continuously adapt to customer behavior, ensuring that every query is met with the most appropriate and effective response.
Ensure prompt resolutions
Foster positive interactions
Raise customer satisfaction ratings
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Data for Decisions

Data for Decisions

Our AI tools help agents harness the full potential of customer data and make data-backed decisions that continually refine the customer experience, leading to increased retention and loyalty.

Call History
Purchase History
Customer Ratings
Ticket Status
Account Type
Last Interaction
Product Usage
Billing Status
Loyalty Tier
Warranty Status
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Our Strategic Tools

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Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect provides a robust platform for contact center needs, designed for adaptability and integration bringing new customer service technology to your fingertips.

What is Amazon Connect?

Omnichannel Technology

Whether via voice or chat, agents can pull data from all methods of communication.

Agent Efficiency

Agents can manage all their tasks from a unified interface, streamlining the process of addressing customer needs.

Top Integrations

Being a part of the AWS ecosystem, Amazon Connect can be easily integrated with other enterprise applications, like Salesforce, and other AWS services.