Case Study: SalesNexus

Case Study: SalesNexus

SalesNexus Case Study

SupportZebra helps SalesNexus reduce support costs by 60%


SalesNexus, a SaaS-based sales CRM and marketing automation system for sales teams, was founded in 2002 to assist small and medium-sized businesses with limited internal IT support.


As the company grew, finding, training, and managing skilled help desk personnel in a timely manner became increasingly difficult. Employee turnover and associated costs were prohibitively high and causing strain across the company. After hiring three IT technicians in the United States, the hires were not able to provide the customer-focused, high-quality experience SalesNexus envisioned. After 6 months, they decided to look elsewhere for assistance.


Using SupportZebra’s large base of skilled and experienced call agents, SalesNexus grew its technician team from 1 to 4 quickly and efficiently through the SupportZebra selection process.

Beyond the ease of onboarding and quality of the agents, SalesNexus also received support on the HR front by SupportZebra’s in-depth monitoring of their call agents. Hiring 4 SupportZebra agents, SalesNexus was able to focus their limited resources on providing product training to their new support desk staff. The product training allowed staff to sell value-add services to clients and was 60% cheaper than hiring 3 internal technicians. Ultimately this allowed SalesNexus to scale their business faster.


In less than a year, SalesNexus experienced a 25% increase in services revenue, thanks to the value-added offering by SupportZebra call agents during customer interactions.

The company also cut costs in two ways:

Not having to hire and host three internal support technicians.
The time commitment of finding, hiring, and onboarding a new technician was cut by close to 70%.
SupportZebra’s helpful attitude and focus on adding value to SalesNexus’ business drove the company to boast a lower cost structure, higher services revenue, and a drastically decreased time to hire.


60% lower costs
25% higher services revenue
<1 month to find & onboard a new technician


“Outsourcing support is scary. We tried other options and were disappointed. SupportZebra was the first partner we worked with that was clearly driven to help us reach our goals and willing to go above and beyond when the situation called for it. SupportZebra always helps us find the win-win-win for our clients, our company and SupportZebra.”
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