How to Use Customer Support to Grow Your Brand

How to use Great Customer Support to Grow Your Brand

How to use Great Customer Support to Grow Your Brand

How to use Great Customer Support to Grow Your Brand

Customer support isn’t just for the customer. Sure, it may sound counterintuitive, but the relationship between customers and brands is mutually beneficial.


While the main priorities for providing high-quality customer service are to ensure your customers remain happy and prevent problems from arising, having the reputation of being a great service provider will have a huge positive impact on your brand image. Leveraging your online presence is essential for growing your brand via customer service.

Engage on social media

Now more than ever, frustrated consumers are airing their grievances on social media platforms than calling your toll-free number directly. Especially on business-oriented platforms, such as Yelp, Google+, and even Glassdoor, you don’t have to scroll far to find someone who’s had a negative experience. Mitigate the risk and use these negative comments to your advantage by thoughtfully and promptly responding to them. What was once an opportunity for the customer to impart unkind words is now your opportunity to show both the injured party and the rest of the world that you care about resolving their issue and that you hear their frustrations.

Companies that have an active social media presence and routinely interact with clients typically have higher rates of customer satisfaction. The relationship between the two is rock solid: show your customers you genuinely care and want to address their problems, and they’re more likely to stick around.

Have all the answers

In this modern age of technology, nobody wants to have to pick up the phone to ask a question anymore. More often than not, customers will look to your website first to see if they can find the answers to their questions before getting in touch with you. While you could keep your website to the bare minimum, thus forcing customers to call you with questions so you can provide them with caring one-on-one attention, this situation often isn’t ideal for those pressed for time.

Ensure your website is easy to navigate and has an FAQ, troubleshooting, or tips and tricks section linked to the homepage. You’ll be one step ahead if you do – you’ll cut down the number of support calls that need answering, and you’ll appear more trustworthy to those on the outside. By openly answering questions or common troubleshooting tips, you show you have nothing to hide and are willing to help, both of which are huge when it comes to keeping customers satisfied.

Give them something to talk about

Similar to how your parents may have offered you ice cream if you got hurt as a child, you can do the same for your customers. If someone reaches out with an issue, don’t just solve their problem – go above and beyond. Offer them a little something extra, depending on your product or service offering. A discount code for future purchases, a free replacement for a broken item, or a free hour of your services all serve as a nice “Band-Aid” on top of your fixing the problem. Not only does it reassure the customer that you’re determined to give them the best possible experience every time, but they’ll likely end up telling their networks and social circles about the freebie, getting your name front and center in their conversations.

Offering great customer support shouldn’t be a selfish act – after all, your customers and their satisfaction are what will make or break your business. However, there are certain aspects of providing customer service that can be mutually beneficial, so that you can ensure your customers always receive top-notch service while simultaneously polishing your image.

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