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Turn stressful problems into satisfied customers…

Drowning in technical support tickets, customer calls and emails? Even the most well-designed software has its moments – especially in high-growth situations. Our Zebras are ready to take on that responsibility for you 24/7 and turn stressful problems into satisfied customers.

At SupportZebra, we’ve invested heavily in the digital infrastructure of our BPO call center operations. We know that connectivity and reliability are of utmost importance, and have IT systems in place to ensure that we’re always connected.

Cross-channel technical support including chat, phone, email, text and social media.
Certified experts in over 100+ tools and technical systems
Dedicated T1, backup internet connections, backup power generator, and UPS systems for our servers and desktops.

Decrease average hold time per call by 40%

Free up your team to focus on growth by outsourcing routine technical support calls and give your customers the 1-on-1 experience they're looking for.

Reduce Customer Churn By 38%

Focused training ensures your Zebra team solves problems quickly and competently, having a huge impact on reducing customer churn.

Custom Dashboards & Reporting

Get better technical support insights with our custom-built dashboards and product performance metrics uniquely designed for SaaS and eCommerce.

Leading Outsource Partner for SaaS & eCommerce Technical Support

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